About Wischer



Wischer was founded with a tagline that all employees must remember : “100% after-sales service. Not 99%”

Normally, we will only know the performance of a set of wipers after installing and using it. However, we realize that most sellers in the market will not take serious responsibility because (1) the wipers are opened and used (2) they put the blame on the manufacturer/brand owner. Hence, customers will always be in a disadvantaged position when purchasing a set of wipers.

At Wischer, our mission is clear yet not easy: “To ensure all customers are satisfied with our product and after-sales service”. We work hard to be a responsible wiper provider by having a strong and responsive customer service team, providing a 30 days money back guarantee if you don’t like our wipers, and at least 3 months of satisfaction guarantee.


We Have Wipers For More Than 1,000 Car Models In Malaysia

We think a good set of wipers can make your day better, while a bad one can spoil your mood in split seconds, because no one likes the irritating squeaky sound and water marks on our windscreen. So how do we achieve our mission? The answer lies in our product quality and customer service

i.e. Wischer Mission = Product quality + Customer service

1 year warranty on manufacturing defects
100% 3-months satisfaction guarantee
Buy & select based on car models
Provided installation videos
Zero risk
30 days trial period & money back guarantee
Super responsive & helpful customer service team



We have good relationships with world-class wiper factories, mainly producing wipers for the original car makers like BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Audi etc. With their strict quality control and OEM manufacturing standards, you can be rest assured of the quality of Wischer wipers.



The other half of the equation is a kind, helpful and responsive customer service team. We put a lot of effort into screening for high quality candidates to join our customer service team because the person must be patient and helpful to our customers. You definitely have our back when you face any issue with your wipers. Remember our tagline? “100% after-sales service. Not 99%”

Lastly, we feel very confident with our wipers and all of our team here at Wischer are using our inhouse product so that we can keep ourselves updated on the product quality from time to time. We really eat our own cooking, and we hope we can share with you our effort : Wischer wiper.