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Wischer Wiper

About Wischer Wiper

At Wischer, we strive to produce world-class wipers with 30% extra durability at reasonable price tags. The key is to use higher grade natural rubber as our raw material as well as extra amount of raw materials to produce our wipers.

Wischer Wiper Features & Specifications

Pre-tensioned steel beam
Curved to ensure maximum contact with the windscreen
Thermoplastic weatherability
TPV+PP wiper sheath to increase the durability of the wiper blade
Prevent downward airflow pressure casuing wind-lift
For superior wiping performance in all seasons

Our Differentiating Advantages

+30% more durable and more number of wiping times as compared to the wipers in the market
Grade AAA natural rubber (the best rubber grade)
OE specific ingredients and manufacturing process (100% Wishcer ORIGINAL)
1 year manufacturing warranty (T&C applies)